Care About Earth Program

Through our Care About Earth program, we are committed to developing our products in a way that reduces their impact on the environment and thus contributing to environmental sustainability for present and to come generations.

Several work leads have been simultaneously launched, ensuring that the quality of our products is always met, with extra care taken to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and EU rules on cosmetics.


Responsible Wrapping

With every product we develop, we are mindful of our environmental and work to minimize our wrapping and maximize our use of recyclable and recycled materials.

Now we offer:

  • recycled paper and cardboard packaging,

  • recyclable paper, and stone-paper packaging.

Poly bags (PO) have been removed from our accessories' packaging, in order to reduce as much as possible plastic use.



Our cardboard boxes, brochures and leaflets are printed using water-based acrylic varnishes and vegetable-ink on responsible wrapping made from:

  • stone paper,

  • FSC recycled paper and cardboard,

  • PEFC paper from sustainably-managed forests.

Responsible Packaging


In order to avoid the use of plastics made from limited resources, such as fossil fuels, we offer 100% plant-based tubes, bottles and Ecopump, mainly using sugar cane.

The sugar cane extraction process allows 5 successive cycles.

The first two produce high quality syrup designed for the sugar industry.

The three other cycles allow to produce bioethanol designed for biofuel (used as source of energy) and also to produce bio-ethylene. We manufacture our 100% bio-sourced packaging from this last component.

To sum up, our packaging are made from sugar cane's residues, intended to sugar industry. That way, our production doesn’t harm the ecosystems of the producing areas.

We control the origin of our raw material: we only use sugar cane coming from sustainably managed fields and fair trade.

We reduce our carbon impact: one ton of planted sugar cane naturally captures around 2.5 tons of Co2 from the atmosphere, thereby contributing to air purification.

Our bio-resin pumps are made from natural raw material such as sugar cane.





We manufacture packaging that favors the use of recycled material:

  • In PCR (post-consumer recycled) material coming from consumer waste sources that have been already used and discarded.

The bottles, caps and labels of our amenity line Scandinavian White are made from recycled materials:

  • our bottles are in recycled PET and our caps are in recycled PP,
  • the soap box is made from 90% recycled cardboard and the label is in 100% recycled paper.

  • In PIR (post-industry recycled) plastic coming from the recovery of industrial garbage (manufacturing waste) or recalled products never used by consumers.

We are increasingly using this manufacturing process for the production of our caps, with the objective of achieving a 90% conversion rate from traditional plastic to recycled plastic by 2020.




We offer two kinds of dispensers in order to reduce the use of plastic.



Can be ECOLABEL or COSMOS-ECOCERT accredited.


  • Exclusive airless technology, which avoids the use of preservatives in our formula.

  • NORDIC SWAN certified
  • Can be ECOLABEL certified

Responsible Accessories


  • Cotton buds are now with a paper stick.

  • Bathroom accessories made with straw and cornstarch​​​​​​​.

  • Toothbrush and razor with bamboo handle​​​​​​​.

  • Plastic free cardboard cup and corn starch lid.

  • Bamboo tooth glass and corn starch bag.

  • Bamboo cocktail stirrer.

  • Bamboo or kraft paper laundry bag.

  • 100% biobased bamboo slippers.​​​

  • Bamboo facial tissues.


  • CBP (Corn-Based Product): Contains a minimum of 50% biodegradable cornstarch.

  • BIOCOMP® tray :100% plant-based. This material is 100% recyclable and certified 100% Biodegradable placed in compost.

  • PWC tray: Plastic and Wood Composite. This material allows us to reduce the plastic up-to 50%.


80% plant-based tray


Bamboo tissue box


PURE PAPER accessory sachets


Bamboo laundry and newspaper bags


Bamboo tooth glass and corn starch bag


Paper kraft laundry bag


Bamboo cocktail stirrer and pick


Plastic free cardboard cup and corn starch lid


Organic sugar in sticks in biodegradable paper


Bamboo slippers


Recycled plastic pen


Accessories made with straw


Bamboo toothbrush


Razor with bamboo handle


Kraft cardboard toothglass with safety tab

Responsible Formula


  • 99% plant-based,

  • Without EDTA and BHT soon,

  • Formulated with palm oil from sustainably managed plantations.


  • Between 90 and 99% natural origin ingredients,

  • Do not contain formaldehyde, phtalates, ionizing radiation or paraben,

  • Are all tested under dermatological control and not tested on animals.


Our certified organic products are so by ECOCERT and accredited by COSMEBIO.


We offer a selection of ECOLABEL certified products.





  • Natural perfumes

  • Herbal extracts

  • Essential oils

  • Vegetable oils


  • Ingredients of animal origin (vegan)

  • Sulfates and mineral oils

  • Colorants

  • SLS and SLES

  • Phenoxyethanol


To offer the most natural line possible without controversial ingredients.

An alternative for foamings: WITH SULFATE or SULFATE-FREE.

Excluded ingredients: Paraben, MIT, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, silicon, PEG, PPG, EDTA, BHT.





For shampoo, shower gel and conditioner.

  • Without plastic
  • Significantly reduced water consumption during production

Last longer compared to liquid product:

  • Solid shampoo 20g = around 30 USES

  • Liquid shampoo 20ml = around 3 USES

  • Formula with and without sulfate

Available in 2019

Responsible Manufacturing


We consider quality to be a cornerstone of our business.

Our factories and industrial partners located in Europe and Asia are ISO 22716, 14001 and 9001 certified and respect Good Manufacturing Practices. Premium production quality is guaranteed throughout the production process.

Our own factories are accredited by ECOCERT according to COSMOS and ECOCERT standards and EU ECOLABEL and endeavor to minimize their impact on the environment by streamlining their supply chain solutions, reducing water and energy use, recycling waste, restricting the use of over packs and using clean technologies as part of our Care About Earth program.

We ask our production plants and industrial partners to commit to responsibility alongside us.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Trust, respect, diversity and quest for excellence are our company’s core values and have inspired us to commit to building a sustainable business. We aspire to be a positive influence in the communities in which we are present and strive to preserve the planet and contribute to the well-being of our employees.



  • Through good customer relations

  • Through transparent business practices

  • We follow traceability standards, which guarantees the safety and trustworthiness of our products


  • We contribute to different international programs such as Clean the World and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Foundation

  • We take part in charity initiatives: we organize collections of goods to be donated to charitable organization such as Red Cross, Dons Solidaires or ANAP

  • We also support the campaign “Paper for Food” run by BACF

  • We sponsor local events



  • We select our suppliers with great care

  • We ensure they comply with our code of conducts and values

  • We give priority to local suppliers


  • We abide by the strictest international labor and human rights standards

  • We support our employees and empower them through personal and professional development opportunities

  • We ensure our employees’ health and safety in the workplace and organize health & safety training

  • We have put in place a Code of Conducts and Ethics

  • Our offices and factories enjoy direct natural light and some of our premises use electricity that is 100% sourced from renewable origins